Assessment of the CMS Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI)

PQRI quality measures were intended to define, standardize and improve the quality of health care services that add value to the care provided to Medicare beneficiaries. The incentive offered to professionals for satisfactorily reporting to the PQRI was intended to encourage professionals to adopt evidence-based, outcomes-driven healthcare delivery practices.

QRS performed a comprehensive analysis of the 12 months’ worth of PQRI data, representing reports of over 160,000 physicians.  The analysis identified participation and reporting trends, along with specific issues with reporting to provide guidance for future participation in the PQRI. Efforts were made to analyze data by specialty when possible and to provide helpful data, tables, information and analysis. Also presented were clinical performance data for professionals who participated in the PQRI, as well as data on the impact of the PQRI on Medicare Part B beneficiaries. Results demonstrate a great success in providing CMS a mechanism to evaluate the quality of healthcare services provided to Medicare beneficiaries.

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